Monitors selected worlds (–world, -w, -W) and reacts on issues.


You can find the latest version of this plugin in the EMSM GitHub repository.


Since EMSM version 3.2.2-beta, this plugin requires no more configuration. The command line arguments allow you to adjust the guard for each world.


When invoked all worlds selected with the global EMSM commands -W or -w are checked.

--error-action {none, stop, restart}

Defines how the guard handles a world in trouble.


Per default, all tests will be performed. If you don’t want to run all tests, you can pass the tests, which should be performed as command line arguments.


Check if the world is online.


Check if the logs contain an error.


Check if the world is reachable.

--output-format {console, text}

Defines the output format.

text is suitable for sending the guard output via email.


If an error with the world has been detected in the previous run, the warning for this world will be suppressed.


This plugin is made for cron (therefore it does not print much):

# m h dom mon dow user command
# Runs the guard every 5 minutes for all worlds
*/5 * *   *   *   root minecraft -W guard --output-only-new-warnings --output-format text

# Runs the guard every 5 minutes for the world *foo*.
*/5 * *   *   *   root minecraft -w foo guard --output-only-new-warnings --output-format text



  • Removed configuration options that were dedicated to enable the guard for selected worlds.
  • The new guard simply monitors all worlds selected with the -W or -w argument.


  • removed configuration options
  • added port check again
  • added different output formats