This log contains only the changes beginning with version 3.1.1-beta.

  • 6.0.0-beta

    • Removed the {server_dir} placeholder introduced in version 4.0.5-beta because there was no consistent or simple way of handling the quoting. Specify the absolute path if you wish to use the start_command configuration option.
  • 5.0.8-beta

    • Update minecraft forge 1.6 url
    • Minor bug fix
  • 5.0.0-beta

    • The worlds.conf configuration file has been replaced with a configuration file for each world.

      Upgrading is easy: For each world in worlds.conf, create a configuration file in the configuration directory:

      The morpheus section in worlds.conf:

      server = vanilla 1.11
      enable_initd = yes
      stop_timeout = 10

      becomes the configuration file, with the content:

      server = vanilla 1.11
      stop_timeout = 10
      enable = yes
    • Custom plugins still work, if you update the VERSION attribute.

    • changed The enable_initd option has been replaced with a new option enable in the plugin:initd configuration section (checkout the documentation of the initd plugin for more information).

    • added You can now overridde the server start_command for each world.

    • added The backups plugin has now an exclude options, which allows you to exclude world directories from the backup. (issue #58)

    • added Some backups options can be overridden for each world.

    • added emsm.core.base_plugin.BasePlugin.world_conf()

    • added emsm.core.base_plugin.BasePlugin.global_conf()

    • deprecated emsm.core.base_plugin.BasePlugin.conf(), use global_conf() instead.

  • 4.0.13-beta

    • fixed The start command option nogui of the forge server
  • 4.0.12-beta

    • fixed issue #35
    • fixed The start command option nogui of the vanilla server
  • 4.0.5-beta

  • 4.0.0-beta

    • changed The EMSM is now a valid Python package available via PyPi.

    • cleaned the documentation

    • EMSM upgrade from version 3 beta:

      1. Install the EMSM package

        $ sudo pip3 install emsm
      2. Remove obsolete folders and files:

        $ rm
        $ rm
        $ rm
        $ rm .gitignore
        $ rm -rf .git/
        $ rm -rf docs/
        $ rm -rf emsm
        # You probably want to keep your own plugins. So modify the
        # command to delete only the EMSM plugins (worlds, server, ...).
        $ rm -r plugins/*
      3. Create the file:

        #!/usr/bin/env python3
        import emsm
        # Make sure, the instance folder is correct. = "/opt/minecraft")
        $ chmod +x /opt/minecraft/
        $ chown minecraft:minecraft /opt/minecraft/
  • 3.1.1-beta