The conf/ directory contains all configuration files.


The main.conf file contains the configuration of the EMSM and the plugins.


# User that should run all of your minecraft worlds.
user = minecraft

# Maximum time that is waited until another EMSM instance releases
# the file lock.
# A negative values means no timeout and wait endless if necessairy.
timeout = -1

# You can provide a *screenrc* file. Please note, that it must be an
# **absolute** path.
# This option is optional.
#screenrc = /opt/minecraft/conf/screenrc
screenrc =

Each plugin has its own section. E.g.:

archive_format = bztar
restore_message = This world is about to be resetted to an earlier state.
restore_delay = 5
max_storage_size = 30
exclude_paths = logs

Some plugins allow you to override global options for each world. Please take a look at the documentation of the Plugins for further information.


The server.conf allows you to adjust some properties of the internal EMSM server wrapper classes. Usually, it should not be necessairy to edit this configuration file, but some times you have to.


  • You want to adjust the java heap size:

    [vanilla 1.8]
    # You can use these placeholders in the start_command:
    # * {server_exe}
    start_command = java -Xmx3G -jar {server_exe}
  • You want to use the latest server version, but the EMSM contains an old url:

    [vanilla 1.8]
    url = https://...

    Make sure to update the server after changing the configuration:

    $ minecraft -s "vanilla 1.8" server --update

You can override some options for each world, like the start_command. This can be used to grant different worlds different amounts of memory. You will learn how to do this in the next section.



This is only the EMSM configuration for the world. You still have to edit the file in the world’s directory.

Each world managed by the EMSM has its own configuration .world.conf file in conf/. We will now add the world morpheus:

$ # In the conf/ directory:
$ touch

This file is empty at the moment. On the next run of the EMSM, it will detect the configuration file and fill it with default values:

$ minecraft -W worlds --status

When you look into, you can find the world section:

stop_timeout = 10
stop_message = The world is going to be stopped.
stop_delay = 10
server = vanilla 1.11
  • stop_timeout

    The maximum time, waited until the world stopped after sending the stop command.

  • stop_message

    This message is printed before sending the stop command to the world.

  • stop_delay

    The time between the sending the stop_message and the stop command. If stop_delay and stop_timeout are both 10, the stop takes at least 10 seconds and at maximum 20.

  • server

    The name of the minecraft server that should power this world.

    Run minecraft server --list to get a list of all supported minecraft server. If your server is not listed, you can create a new plugin, which provides a server wrapper.

You can overridde some global plugin and server options for each world:

[server:vanilla 1.11]
start_command = java -Xmx1G -jar {server_exe} nogui

max_storage_size = 10
exclude_paths = logs

The configuration section for a server is the server name, prefixed with server: and the section for a plugin is the plugin’s name, prefixed with plugin:.

Please note, that you only overridde the configuration for a specific server, not the current server of the world:

# Has no effect, because the world is configured to use "vanilla 1.11",
# and not "bungeecord".
start_command = echo "Hallo"

Check out the Plugins documentation, if you want to know more about their configuration.


# This configuration file contains the configuration for the world
#     **morpheus**
# This file can be used to override global configuration values in
# the *server.conf* and *emsm.conf* configuration files.
# [world]
# stop_timeout = int
# stop_message = string
# stop_delay = int
# server = a server in server.conf
# Custom options for the backups plugin:
# [plugin:backups]
# archive_format = bztar
# max_storage_size = 30
# Custom options for the vanilla 1.8 server:
# [server:vanilla 1.8]
# start_command = java -Xms512m -Xmx1G -jar {server_exe} nogui

stop_timeout = 10
stop_delay = 5
stop_message = The server is going down.
    Hope to see you soon.
server = vanilla 1.11

max_storage_size = 10
archive_format = zip
exclude_paths = logs

enable = yes