Welcome to Extendable Minecraft Server Manager’s documentation!

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What is the EMSM ?

The Extendable Minecraft Server Manager (EMSM) is a minecraft server wrapper, that is able to handle multiple minecraft worlds and server versions.

The EMSM itself provides only a simple but sufficient API to manage the worlds. The rest of the work is done by the plugins. This makes the application easy to extend and maintain.

And the best thing: We support many types of servers:

  • vanilla (mojang server) starting with version 1.2
  • bungeecord
  • minecraft forge
  • spigot

Why should you use the EMSM?

  • Python powered

    Small and readable code base, therefore easy to maintain.

  • Open Source

    Licensed under the MIT License.

  • Portable

    Needs only Python, screen and java to run and should work on all Linux systems.

  • Cron-Safe

    The EMSM makes sure that only one instance of the application runs to the same time.

  • InitD

    Use the initd plugin to benefit from the init.d service.

  • Simple Configuration

    Only three simple configuration files, using the simple .ini syntax.

  • Backup ready

    Create and manage multiple versions of your worlds with the backup manager.

  • Multiple worlds and servers

    This application has been written to administrate and run multiple worlds and server versions at the same time.

  • Beautiful output

    The EMSM output is colored, so that you only need one view to get the most important information.

  • Guarded worlds

    The guard helps you to monitor the worlds and to react to server issues automatically.

  • Fast learning curve

    Use the --help or --long-help argument if you don’t know how to use a plugin.

  • Online Documentation

    You don’t come to grips with the configuration? Take a look at this online documentation.

  • Easy to extend

    Extend the EMSM with a simple plugin and benefit from Python’s great standard library.


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